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Sock of the Day

The sock is to Sport Relief what the red nose is to Comic Relief. This year, Sport Relief give you one sock to wear for your fundraising event. When you have finished the event they give you the second sock so you have a unique pair of socks (one very smelly, the other clean).

As I will be doing my event for a minimum of seven days - if I wore only one sock, I would have a very cold foot. Thankfully, some famous people have given me their socks to wear, so now they have cold feet instead. These celebrity socks will be auctioned off at the end of the trip, if I make it.

Each day that Tim is on the water the news of the new sock and its owner will be revealed here before it's revealed anywhere else.

Tuesday 13th July - James Cracknell

Olympic gold medal winner James Cracknell, a member of Britain's most successful ever rowing team, now has the honour of providing the sock that keeps Tim's left foot warm as he attemps to be the first person to row across the English Channel in a bath.

James has great faith in Tim's ability to make it across the Channel. "You'll be fine as long as you don't drop your shoulders", he said.

Wise words, we all agree; though none of us have any idea what he's talking about...